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Thanks to the large crowd who came out to meet us on the green, ask questions and offer ideas. A special thanks to the representatives from the other associations who spoke. Your support is critical and very much appreciated.

Centre Court Neighbors have gathered critical support beyond our gate. To reflect this broad-based support, we renamed ourselves The Harbor Bay Neighbors (“The Neighbors”) and released a new website that addresses the concerns of all the communities on Bay Farm Island.  As a supporter of Centre Court Neighbors you are automatically a supporter of the new, expanded group. 

Please let everyone you know on Bay Farm know about this website so they, too, can register their opposition to the Cowan/HBIA plans at: http://harborbayneighbors.wordpress.com/join-us/

[Note: As of July 15, 2013 we will no longer keep the Centre Court Neighbors website current; please visit us at http://harborbayneighbors.wordpress.com  for the latest information.]
Come meet us on the greenbelt!

Centre Court Neighbors will be hosting a gathering to bring all Centre Court residents up-to-date on our activities and answer any questions you have.
DATE: Sunday, July 14, 2013
TIME: 4:00pm
PLACE: Centre Court Green
Contact Deirdre Mena if you have questions about the gathering: 510-521-7407

Bring a neighbor & enjoy free refreshments!

We’re gaining steam! Other associations–notably Brittany Landing and Clipper Cove–have homeowners who have come out against the Ron Cowan/HBIA proposal to relocate Harbor Bay Club. Here are some recent articles:

Declaration of Opposition – Clipper Cove Board of Directors, 6/13
Hooray for Clipper Cove! According to the July/August Gull’s Call, the Clipper Cove Board of Directors (representing 202 homes) has taken a public stand stating their opposition. Furthermore, “…we would ask all the associations of Harbor Bay Isle to join us in opposing this further development.”
Read their entire statement here >>

Not So Fast, HBIA – Letter to the Alameda Sun editor from Mike Lano, 6/27/13.
Read it >>


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